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Undergraduate Electrical Engineer & Computer Science student at QUT

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I'm currently a fourth year Undergraduate Electrical Engineer and Computer Science student at Queensland University of Technology.

Feel free to download my resume above for a bit more of a detailed look at my experiences.

I've got a passion for all things technology, with interests in microcontrollers and web development. Whilst I am still studying, I have experience with a wide range of programming languages, such as HTML, CSS, C, C#, Java, Python and Matlab. However, I am always looking to learn more and broaden my knowledge. Alongside this there's the electrical engineering component of my degree, which I believe has provided me with the tools to comfortably work with electrical components, circuitry, microprocessors, and digital and analogue signals.

Outside of study and work, I love hanging out with my dog, watching sports (Mostly NRL, Rugby, Cricket), rock climbing, and a good bit of exercise when I can.

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